Why is Masai Mara So Expensive?

Debunking the Myths and Finding Affordable Safari Experiences The Masai Mara is renowned for its breathtaking wildlife, stunning landscapes, and extraordinary safari experiences. However, there is a perception that visiting the Masai Mara is an expensive endeavor, limiting it to a privileged few. In reality, the high costs associated with Masai Mara safaris can be […]

How much will a trip to Masai Mara cost?

If you have ever dreamt of witnessing the awe-inspiring wildebeest migration, marveling at the diverse wildlife, and immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Masai Mara, then planning a trip to this renowned Kenyan safari destination might be on your bucket list. However, before embarking on this adventure of a lifetime, it’s crucial to understand […]

What Makes Masai Mara Truly Special

Discover the awe-inspiring wonder of the Masai Mara, where nature’s grandeur and warm hospitality combine to create an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be mesmerized by the vastness of the Masai Mara, a sprawling landscape that stretches as far as the eye can see. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and genuine warmth of the Masai […]

Weather in Masai Mara Month By Month

January and February: These months fall within the rainy season in the Maasai Mara, which typically runs from November to June. The weather is typically hot and humid, with temperatures reaching as high as 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit). Rainfall is also heavy during this time, with an average of 150 mm (6 inches) of rain per month. The heavy rainfall causes the grass to grow tall, making it harder to spot wildlife, but it attracts a lot of birds and aquatic animals like hippos and crocodiles.

Masai Mara Balloon Safari is it Worth it?

A hot air balloon safari in the Masai Mara is an experience like no other. Imagine floating above the vast savannah landscape, surrounded by nothing but the sound of the burners and the occasional call of a bird or animal. The early morning light is just beginning to peek over the horizon, casting a soft orange glow over the grasslands below. As you rise higher and higher into the sky, the view becomes more and more breathtaking.


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